ESG serves the reefers industry by offering a full range of services ensuring the optimum conditions and proper compliance for perishables such as: fruits, vegetables, cheese, sausages, fresh meat and fish across the various stages in the supply chain.





  • Prioritized space for perishable cargo on all vessels.
  • Availability of reefer equipment.
  • Document preparation and customs formalities for perishable cargo.
  • Temperature control, sanitary inspections and quality checks for perishable cargo.
  • Pre-trip inspections (PTI) for reefer containers.
  • Gen-sets to power supply reefer containers along the trucking journey from origin to destination.
  • Our depot is fully equipped with reefer plugs for the safe storage of reefer containers.
  • Regular voyage and time charters of reefer vessels during all seasons.
  • Employed customs brokers and supervisors escorting customs delegations to farms, pack-houses and loading stations and immediate issuance of EUR1 & phyto-sanitary certificates.
  • Presence of customs brokers and supervisors at all Egyptian seaports.